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The decision to pen a love letter is one of the most exhilarating, yet frightening experiences a lover can have. It requires a mastery of the English language and imagination…or so that’s what experts would have us to believe. And it is this fear that prevents many modern day romantics from wielding the pen to espouse their feelings of love and adoration for the intended. But fear not! Here are three tips to help you write the perfect love letter.

  1. Use the 5 Senses: The trick to describing how you feel about your love is to use the senses – taste, smell, touch, sound and feel. So, what does your love smell like? A bowl of freshly rinsed, ripened strawberries? When you caress their skin, what does that feel like? Like an electric current surging through your body? What sound do you hear when they are talking or smiling at you? Here’s how one of our client’s described the sensation or touch of his wife’s kisses. “Your kisses are like the tip of a feather brushing across my lips.” The point is, showing is better than telling.
  2. Other People’s Words: When at a loss for words, quote a line or two from yours/hers/his favorite song or poem. There is nothing more romantic and endearing for your partner-love than to know that you have been listening to what moves your lover’s soul. Here’s one of my favorite lines from Pablo Neruda’s poem, “Tonight, I can write the saddest lines”: “Love is so short; forgetting is so long.” Sigh.
  3. Hand write the letter on plush paper: In this day of emails and text messages, the handwritten note has gone the way of the dinosaur some would have you to think. But believe it or not, people still love to receive handwritten thank you letters, cards and even, love letters. To take time out of one’s busy schedule to sit down, think and then pen their deepest thoughts about you, says a lot about the impression you have made on that person’s life. It’s a blissful feeling to know someone thought that much about you. And the icing on the cake is when the letter is written on beautiful, thick parchment-type paper in black ink inside an equally impressive envelope. Oh, somebody loves you!

So there you have it! How to write the perfect love letter. Remember, the love letter is not a momentary experience, but a lifetime. If you still need more assistance, please visit where our business is the business of love letters.



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“The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are” (Joseph Campbell).

This is one of our favorite quotes here at Love Letter for Hire because it speaks so deeply to the essence of love. One cannot love another fully and freely if they do not love themselves first, and that means, you must “see” who you are as a privilege. This is not boasting or a chance to pump up one’s ego. It is the heart of truth. When you accept, embrace and fall in love with who you are – the good, bad and the ugly of your being – the universe opens up its heart to you and plants at your feet all that you desire. One of the key components of abundance is love. Everyone wants it – craves it, will do anything for it. But what we must come to realize at the peril of our own living is that we must first start with ourselves. Shakespeare said it best: “To thine own self be true” (Hamlet).

Add this affirmation to your daily routine: “The privilege of a lifetime is to be who I am.” Take it into your heart and it will nourish your soul. Then, you will be ready for the greatest gift of all – LOVE! And it will be so good.

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In today’s fast paced society, it seems as if no one has time to express love in written form. We are all too hooked up to social media and other distractions like text messaging that do not allow room for genuine creativity. When was the last time you either wrote a love letter to someone or you received one? Listen, a love letter is the most romantic thing you can give to your beloved. Why? Because to pen a letter shows that you truly do care for them. It tells them you took time out of your busy schedule to sit down and truly “think” about you – about how you make them feel. To express love through pen is the ultimate gift, and as the old poets knew, to pen love makes it eternal. The words do not have to be fancy or clever. What makes a love letter powerful is that it is a memorable keepsake. Someone remembered you today, and the love letter is proof.

We want to encourage you today to set aside a few moments today to write your beloved a small note of love. Just say what is in your heart, not what you think they want to hear or what sounds good. If it’s real, true love, the words will be genuine and that feeling will jump off the page at your beloved. And who knows how that feeling will be reciprocated! So, with in mind, here’s a quaint little poem for your amusement and perhaps of encouragement.

I Don’t Do Love Letters Anymore

I don’t do love letters anymore
There’s no one that I care that much for
It’s very much ashame, you see
That I no longer fill someone’s heart with glee

There’s no inspiration
No heart-felt titillation
For, my heart, it fills with sadness
On the edge of sheer madness

I don’t do love letters anymore
I have not the heart to explore
For a love that once gave inspiration
Was only a figment of my imagination.

“Taken from Conversation Piece.” Visit for more love inspiration.

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We are born into this world with a soul created in love to give love and receive love. Psychologists and sociologists have proven that the minute we are born, we are constantly on the hunt for the thing which somehow seems to elude us the minute we become socialized creatures: authentic love.

Scripture says that love is the greatest of all things; it never fails. It is why our hearts beat and blood flows like a raging river through our bodies. But this is not the love story that is being told to us today. It is not the story we are living/dying for. In our world today, love is commercial business. It is sales revenue for the flower shops, candy stores and department/jewelry stores. Valentine’s Day – the greatest commercial of them all – is a day of competition and bragging rights.

“Look what he got me for Valentine’s Day?”

“Are those your flowers?”

“Oh, he is so romantic!”

These exclamatory statements can be heard singing from the rafters of nearly every public office space in America. And if you understand what this is all about, then that’s fine. You understand the “business” of love.

But what about REAL love? That’s the love that wakes you up every morning, that keeps you fighting for your dreams and sets your eyes on fire. It holds your heart in sacred warmth as you sit through the rancid chemo treatments or your daughter’s first dance recital. It gives you breath of life when the casket is lowered into the ground and your tears drown in the dirt around it. How will you make it now? These are the greatest love stories never told because, well, they are not for public consumption.

Oh, but LOVE…

It is an everyday kind of thing. Like the sun, it rises and sets with you. It is you. Make love Valentine’s Day every day. Give your loved ones their roses – love – every day because true, authentic love “alters not with his brief hours and weeks,/But bears it out even to the edge of doom” (Sonnet 116 Line 11-12, Shakespeare).

*Sonnet 116
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.


Before you can love someone, you have to first love yourself. Too many times, we get lost in the idea of love rather than the realities of what it takes to make a relationship work: commitment, trust, love and compromise. As a result, we begin to lose ourselves – lose sight of what makes us who we are. Here’s one of our favorite poems on loving self and not letting other people’s pain distract you from what truly matters beyond everything: loving yourself.

Ode to…

I am not going to let you take me there.

I will not let you steal my blessing like a frightened thief with your need to create a safe place for your ego – in pain and anger.

You can keep those gifts.

I will not unwrap – open – them.

I want the gifts of joy, love, happiness and peace, and to get those gifts – to open those gifts – to embrace those gifts – I have to see you as you – and I – are:

a scared, lonely, miserable, bitter, fearful being.

I can’t hate you now. I must love you.

I respond to you with love – my blessing – so that I can love ME – you – US.

I want THAT gift!

And it’s over there!!!


One of the greatest gifts given to us by the divine is the knowledge that we were made in love, to LOVE. Now, I am talking more than just romantic or sexual love. Opening our hearts to see that we are all interconnected in our same desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. It’s not just about YOU! Living is loving. And this requires us to step outside of our ego and embrace the most tenderest of emotions/actions: giving love.

Be it a hug, a warm, gentle smile or a word of encouragement, step out of your own life story today and BE love. Someone needs to know that they do matter, that they are alive and that love is beautiful – even when offered by a stranger.

Love Letter for Hire sends you #lightlovejoy today – everyday. Visit us at and let us help you bring LOVE back into your life.

ImageOk, so right now, women all over the country are anxiously waiting for the dozen roses or box of chocolates or even the diamonds to show up; whether while you are at work, school or when you get home tonight, women are waiting to be publicly recognized as the “love” of someone’s life. Now, there is nothing wrong with this at all. Every one wants to be loved and to have it shown publicly because it validates our worth … and creates bragging points.

Whoah! Stop right there! Danger, Will Robinson! The need to be validated can be a dark alleyway of despair because it does not allow for glimpses of light to come through. I don’t want to get into a heated debate about Valentine’s Day being a prime sales pitch for businesses designed to pressure men into showing their undying love for their lady loves, oftentimes going into debt to do so because it is, but this day should also be a reminder to the single, widowed, divorced, dating and married that LOVE is for every day. How do we show our beloveds our heart’s desires on an every day basis?

Starting today, Valentine’s Day, let’s start a new trend, ladies and gents. Let’s do something lovely for our lovelies every day so that by the time this day rolls around again next year, it will be nothing new, no need to wait in excited expectation because our beloveds know that today and every day, they are going to be loved. Whether it be a handwritten note, a simple phone call, a text, a back rub, a single tulip, or putting gas in their car without having been asked, it truly is the little things that make the heart flutter with excitement … with love. Sure, it’s nice to get roses at work in front of everyone, but what if we had that feeling of love and validation every day?

Happy Love Day Every Day!